My Story

My daughter, Lucia was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis just before her 2nd birthday. She had her first symptoms at 2 months old and it was terrifying. I remember the doctor telling me I was already doing everything she’d recommend for Lucia so she’d like to do an endoscopy. The idea of my baby having a produced caused me to get so scared. I made sure my husband could be with me, and another family member for support, mostly for me. I know from experience that children reflect our emotions and I knew mine would be a bit of a roller coaster.

I distinctly remember checking her in at the desk and tears streaming down my face. The clerks were so kind, gave me tissues and let me nod for most of the answers. At the end of the checking her in, I said “I’m so embarrassed to be crying” and the receptionist said “Oh hunny, it happens all the time.”

After the procedure, the doctor came out showed us the pictures and diagnosed Lucia with ulcerative colitis and recommended we ‘try’ a suppository daily for 30 days to see if it helps. I nodded my head, listened and thought to myself, I WILL FIND another way!

I went home and googled my heart out without much to be found. So here I am, the birth of My Daughter’s Table and the place for us to share our journey of healing autoimmune disease, navigating food allergies and parenting. I don’t want any other parent to feel like there aren’t other options for them!

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