The BEST healing diet for ulcerative colitis

The BEST healing diet for ulcerative colitis


I don’t talk too much about my story, because I mostly have my health figured out. When I first starting having major issues, I saw a GI who said “sure we can run allergy tests, but it’s highly unlikely anything will come back as positive.” I understood, but still requested the tests be run, he only ran for the top 8 most common allergens, back in 2010. I have always had issues with dairy, since birth, but otherwise I was really having trouble figuring out what else could be causing me problems.

Sure enough my allergy test came back VERY HIGH for eggs, so I cut it out and my problems went away almost immediately!! YAY!

Next, several years later I was having more issues, so again same response from an MD “sure I guess we can run allergy tests, but you probably just have irritable bowel.” Sure, ok, I listened to her, but rolled my eyes in my head and we moved forward with testing, sure enough my next test came back positive for…





How convenient, ALL THINGS GLUTEN!

All this to say, it would have taken a LOT OF TIME and EFFORT to figure out these things by an elimination diet. It’s too difficult honestly, and time consuming. I’m all about efficiency and I’d MUCH RATHER pay for blood work, if my doctors won’t do it. I generally haven’t had much trouble with this, even with Lucia’s health. For me spending $100-200 on blood work is worth it versus months of trial and error and unknown things making you feel crappy.

This is my long round-about way of telling you why I did NOT follow SCD or AIP or any other diet, when figuring out our healing approach, with myself or my daughter. I don’t want to unnecessarily cut foods out that may or may not be the problem, especially when working with a 3 year old who can’t communicate how things are making her feel.

The best approach in quick simple terms…

  1. IgE testing (food allergies)

  2. Cut those out, if symptoms don’t improve…

  3. IgG testing (food sensitivities) aka food mapping

  4. Cut those out, followed by a gut healing regime

This is essentially figuring out a highly specialized diet to heal YOUR body, instead of adopting any other approach that makes your life more complicated unnecessarily. Now, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate AIP and SCD for the way they have helped many, but in a sense it’s a guessing game, and only some lucky few are able to be successful with this approach.

**Also, lots of research and my functional medicine doctor recommend cutting gluten out first, before doing my other steps. Since gluten tends to cause or increase inflammation in the body. We had already done that first with Lucia, her whole life actually since I am allergic to gluten, and she was exclusively breast-fed.

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