A Mom's Produce Delivery Hack: Imperfect Produce

A Mom's Produce Delivery Hack: Imperfect Produce


I get $10 you get $10 off first order using my link here.

I really don’t mind grocery shopping, but since having two kiddos it definitely feels like more of a burden. Of course it is necessary! What do I buy most of the time, why do I have to go so often? Fresh produce, 99% of the time that is what I’ve run out of, yes I hit Costco, usually 1-2 times per month to stock up on meats and some staples that are cheaper there, but Costco produce goes bad before we can finish it, and we can’t eat as much variety when buying produce at Costco.

So, I’ve stumbled upon this incredible service that I heard about from a friend and I’m obsessed!! They not only deliver to my doorstep weekly, but I’m helping fight food waste.

I honestly had no idea, but did you know that grocery stores have high standards for the shape, color and size produce has to be to be sold. This means farms all over the world end up throwing away TONS of produce every year. This absolutely breaks my heart, and I don’t really care if something is too big, too small, imperfect in some way, mis-colored or scarred.

Imperfect Produce is changing the way we all look at produce! I’m so happy to be a part of the movement, PLUS it’s great on our grocery budget. They charge $4.99 for a delivery fee, because they pay their workers well ($15-20 per hour is what I’ve heard) but the produce itself is charged by weight and for my medium organic box every week that is fully customizeable, it costs between $20-27 total. Customizeable of course within the realm of what is available at that time.

I still do need to go to the grocery store and fill in some holes in my meal plans, but it isn’t urgent, because I know I have food we need for the immediate future.

They also offer a refer-a-friend program, where when a friend signs up using your link, they get $10 off their first order and you get $10, feel free to use mine to get started.

Our haul one week!

Our haul one week!

Imperfect Produce is also expanding all the time, currently they are delivering to certain zip codes in the following areas…

  • Bay Area, CA

  • Los Angeles, CA

  • Orange County, CA

  • San Diego, CA

  • Chicago, IL Metro Area

  • Indianapolis, IN

  • Austin, TX

  • San Antonio, TX 

  • Portland, OR Metro Area

  • Seattle, WA Metro Area (includes Tacoma)

  • Milwaukee, WI

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