4 questions to consider before becoming a stay-at-home Mom...

4 questions to consider before becoming a stay-at-home Mom...


When I was pregnant I often found myself saying "I don't know how I'll feel, we will see." I'm really glad I approached it this way, because it left me room for "all the feels" around being a full-time teacher and being a brand new mom.

My husband and I spent many hours discussing what to do, how to do it, if it was possible, and it was seriously stressful in the early post-partum weeks. I had to return to work full-time at only 6 weeks postpartum with Lucia and it was extremely difficult. To be honest that first week back was pretty heavenly, because I was temporarily relieved from baby duty, then as the weeks went on, I realized "oh my goodness, I really only get a couple hours a day with my baby." As reality set in, we learned for the thousandth time that we choose quality of life over money and possessions. We weighed the financials, which was a HUGE factor for us and we determined that I had to keep working. But my husband's income wasn't substantial enough to justify him to continue working, nor did we want to have our baby in day-care.  So my husband moved into a on-call position, really just for him to get out of the house occasionally and bring in a little bit of money, he worked about one shift per week and it was perfect for us.

I continued to struggle through working full-time, when I was at work and busy, I didn't have much time to think about it, which helped, but then I'd come home and my hubby would tell me about his day, the new milestones Lucia was hitting and I cried, I cried a lot over this lost time. About a month after returning to my full-time job we did decide for me quit that job and get a substitute teaching job closer to home. I was commuting over an hour each way, which compounded my frustrations. And actually, funny fact, I made more as a substitute teacher in public schools than I did as a full-time teacher in private school.

Things we considered as we processed all our options...

1. Can we afford it?

2. Is our budget as bare-bones as we can get it? Is there anything we can cut out?

3. How much is quality of life worth to us?

4. Is there any creative way we can change our job situation to make things more bearable?


There is one thing that definitely helped us weigh our options.

What will I regret?

Quitting my job?

Or not quitting my job?

Which one weighs heavier on my heart.

Disclaimer: This post is by no means intended to make anyone feel judged for their decision. Everyone has to decide for themselves what is best for them and their family. No judgement here, simply sharing my experience.


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