8 Ways to Care for a New Mama

8 Ways to Care for a New Mama

Alana, 9 months old

Alana, 9 months old

Giving birth and adding a new baby to the family is a MAJOR adjustment. Some people are naturally good at helping the new mamas adjust and knowing how to jump in and support them. Others really genuinely mean well but lack the experience or foresight to know HOW to help. Here are a few tips on how you can help make their transition home easier.

Bring them a care package with the following contents.

1. Bubble Bath

Something all natural is the best, especially for the new mom that is aware of exactly what she’s putting in or on her body, due to breastfeeding. I was much more focused on this with my first baby.

2. Bottle of Wine, beer (helps with milk production), sparkling cider or Kombucha

Something fun she can bust out with her hubby when they are feeling the need to do something fun and simple in their own home!

3. One-handed nutrient dense snacks to fill the pantry

Bobo’s are my favorite, because they are packed full of breastfeeding superfoods, like oats, which help increase supply, and their oat bars with chocolate are my fave!

Giving the gift of an act of service....

4. Tell them when you are coming to help!

Example: “I’m free Monday at 2pm, can I come over then? I’d like to do your dishes, hold the baby while you shower, clean your bathroom….or do whatever you would like help with.”

Make yourself useful, don’t wait for them to ask you to do their dishes. Very few are bold enough to ask for help, especially with tasks that aren’t fun, like doing dishes or cleaning the bathroom.

5. Call them before you grocery shop and ask if they need anything and you’d love to pick it up for them and drop it by.

6. Don’t just SHOW UP. Call first, some mamas need a little warning to feel put together and to mentally prepare for guests.

7. Bring a meal.

“Can I bring you dinner on Friday?” Be specific, if you say “let me bring you dinner sometime” The new mama will probably NEVER ask.

8. Don’t stay too long!! Now this is going to be different based on the personality of the mama and her current state (sleep deprivation etc).

My tip: Set a timer on your phone for 30 minutes after you arrive, let it go off and then say something like “Well, I just wanted to swing by and see you, I should get going.” Give the mama the chance to say, “oh ok, it was great to see you.” Then LEAVE. If they insist on you staying longer, stay another 30 minutes and then feel out how she’s doing. Try and check in with this type of routine about every 30 minutes.

The reason? Most moms WILL NOT SAY, “get out, I’m sooo tired and stressed out and you have over-stayed your welcome.” Because, it’s rude and not culturally acceptable to be that blunt, so provide many opportunities for the mama to get you to leave without having to say “please leave.”

I hope these tips help you to know how to love on the new mama. It’s a major transition and they may just want to talk your ear off because they’ve been alone with the baby too long. Or they may be so exhausted they simply want to take a nap or a bath by themselves. The idea of this list is to help the mama to feel loved and for you to know how in the world to support them.

Sponsored Post: This post is sponsored by Bobo’s but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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