16 Date Night Ideas for after the Kids go to Bed

16 Date Night Ideas for after the Kids go to Bed

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After becoming a mom to two adorable little girls, I definitely feel the need for at-home date nights, after the kids go to bed. Finding a sitter, arranging it in advance, packing the kids up to go to the grandparents, sometimes at the end of a long day, all we want to do is stay-in for date night. With my oldest having a crazy early bedtime, at 6pm often, it’s been amazing to have these few uninterrupted hours together.

The thing is, coming up with fun ideas can be a challenge. But I’m making it my personal goal to integrate more fun date nights at home. Here are some fun ideas I can’t wait to try! I’m leaving out dinner and a movie/tv show at home, because I feel like that’s our regular, and a great one, but I want to change things up!

  1. Play a Card game or boardgame

  2. Star-gazing in the backyard

  3. Fire in the backyard with S’Mores & Mixed Drinks (we put in a homemade firepit)

  4. Indoor Picnic

  5. Wine & Truffle Tasting (my favorite vegan, top 8 allergen free chocolate truffles are from No Whey Chocolate)

  6. Give each other back or foot rubs

  7. Read a book out loud

  8. Listen to an audiobook while doing an art project

  9. Bake and decorate cookies together

  10. Stage and take artsy pictures of each other

  11. Do a home improvement project together

  12. Workout together

  13. Have a “finger foods” only dinner and feed each other

  14. Have a romantic candlelit dinner (the food doesn't have to be fancy, anything is fancy by candlelight)

  15. Fondue Night

  16. First Word game- write out adjectives on slips of paper and then take turns drawing and sharing the first memory that comes to mind with your spouse

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