8 natural supplements for kids who have ulcerative colitis

8 natural supplements for kids who have ulcerative colitis


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It’s pretty raw for me to write about this, but I really want to help other parents struggling through the journey of ulcerative colitis. Lucia was diagnosed at 2 years old, and had symptoms associated with colitis since 2 months old.

Her most recent labs revealed that her inflammation in her body is still high (we have yet to get her inflammation to normal levels), and while we love her pediatric gastrointerologist (GI), and pediatrician we also finally took the leap of faith to see a naturopath, who gave us several natural options to try and add to her routine.

This is not intended to be medical advice, but all of these supplements are over the counter and her GI was even supportive of the supplements were were recommended from our naturopath.

The naturopath recommended that we do food sensitivity testing for Lucia, we have already done allergy testing via her GI and as you all know, we already eat a very “elemental” diet as her doctors call it, with no gluten, dairy, egg or soy. It takes 2-3 weeks to get the results of her food sensitivity testing, and I’m preparing myself for a drastic change to our eating habits SOON! I have stopped stocking up on foods in bulk, I’m preparing myself emotionally to follow this diet as a family and I am armed with a creative mindset to learn new recipes and spend even more time in the kitchen.

We also at the request of our naturopath had her GI run several tests to see her levels for nutrition, to see if she has any extreme nutrition deficiencies, so far her nutrition didn't look so bad, except for low iron levels.

Anyways, more about that when I get her results, but for now, our daily supplement routine for Lucia (she's 3 and a half years old)….

  • VSL #3 (specific IBD probiotic) 2-3 capsules per day, opened and stirred into all-natural applesauce

  • Iron Supplement (because her iron levels were very low) *After talking to her GI, I realized the chewable did not nearly have enough iron in it, so we had to change supplements to this one, which is a chewable of 25mg in each tablet, Lucia is supposed to have 50mg per day, I had to ask her GI specifically how much she should take- I highly encourage you to do the same) This is the dissolveable iron supplement we ended up with, she chews it up real fast then chases it down with water or juice, she doesn’t like it, but it’s the best we have found.

  • Papaya Enzyme (1-2 per day, after a meal) to help with nutrient absorption (her stool color was too light and the naturopath said that relates to not enough transition time in the intestines- ie her food was going through her too fast)

  • Slippery Elm, 1 capsule per day, opened and stirred into her all-natural applesauce at the same time as VSL #3

  • Kids Tummy TLC (1-2 times per day, 5 drops each time in a juice or water)

  • Vital Nutrients GI Repair Powder (2 times per day, 1/2 tsp each time stirred into all natural applesauce)

  • Fish Oil (500 mg daily) Nordic Naturals offers a gummy version of this.

  • Vitamin D (I found a chocolate flavor chewable, and she loves it)


I know that so far, these supplements are helping. Most of these you can order on amazon or get from your local health store.

We are re-doing all labs and tests with her GI in two months, so that will really be the test for us!

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