Allergy Friendly S'Mores

Allergy Friendly S'Mores


Regular graham crackers, marshmallows and a Hershey's bar don't work for you? US EITHER!!! 

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Lucia is in her first year of pre-school which actually is an entire year early for her. But she’s so ready so we went for it. Her sweet creative amazing teacher is doing a camping unit and part of it is allowing the 3 year old to have s’mores. She’s so sweet and knows Lucia has some health issues and food allergies and always asks how she can accommodate. It makes me feel so blessed and well taken care of as a mama! The e-mail I got during this unit was asking about if any child needed special accommodations for their s’mores. I knew Lucia did, so I snagged her before class and chatted about it.


The consensus was that she could definitely have marshmallow, even on our crazy elimination diet. Praise the Lord, sugar and cocoa were non-reactive on her food sensitivity testing! And I had already, months ago given her teacher 2 chocolate bars from enjoy life to keep on hand, when a student has a birthday, and of course I don’t expect every treat to be “Lucia friendly” so I just make sure her teacher has something special for her. She loves it, and has such a positive outlook on it all. And, she won't be shy to let you know that the food you are eating "isn't healthy," sorry everyone (ha ha), this is the approach I have taken with her so she knows she's fueling her body well. 


Ok now onto the important stuff...

How do we do allergy friendly s'mores?

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Graham Crackers- Enjoy life cookies, we have done it with both sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies (because YOLO). There aren’t many other options, as I mention below a couple local bakeries (which I love) that make up seasonal goodies, but if you need them in the off-season, Enjoy Life cookies are always available and honestly a decadent treat!!

Chocolate- Enjoy Life Chocolate bars

Marshmellows- All brands of marshmellows are fine for us. I always double check, but they are basically just sugar.

Shout out to Petunia’s Pies and Pastries- our local fave Portland, Oregon vegan gf bakery who made kits last year for s’mores and it made our family so happy!

Also, I just saw that New Cascadia Traditional (another local fave) is cranking out gluten free graham crackers for s’mores RIGHT NOW!

Romantic Oregon Coast & Allergy Friendly Getaway

Romantic Oregon Coast & Allergy Friendly Getaway

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