How 8 year old girl turns allergy diagnosis into positivity?

How 8 year old girl turns allergy diagnosis into positivity?

Sweet E's

“Thank you Emerson for making these delicious cookies!!!” -Lucia, age 3

(from one allergy kid to another)

As a mama with a daughter who has food allergies and an autoimmune disease, it is so encouraging to hear Emerson’s story! Emerson is 8 years old and with the help of her amazing family has created a company of allergy friendly, chocolate chip cookies and buckeyes. Her treats have no tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, wheat, dairy, soy or gluten and they are delicious! They disappeared at our house, in no time!

At two years old, Emerson was diagnosed with an extreme anaphylactic food allergy to tree nuts and this forever changed her families approach with food. As for anyone, this is a difficult transition, but Emerson has taken her diagnosis and has made it her personal mission, at only 8 years old, to make sweet treats for other kids (and adults) like her! As most visions, they started small with love and passion and have seen the fruits of their labor pay off!

I also am a big believer in raising young girls who are encouraged, empowered and able to pursue their passions. We, as parents, have a critical job to come alongside them, hear their dreams, and help them come to fruition! I love love love, the way Emerson’s parents have done that for her!! And you too can help your kiddos be dreamers and doers (not just girls of course).

So today, in the midst of the crazy of parenthood, take time to talk to your kiddos about their perspective, what dreams or visions do they have?

How can we help our kids be dreamers and not scared of pursuing a passion?

As we know, attitude is everything and I sure believe in teaching my girls that they can indeed dream big!! So that being said, do your part to encourage the young female entrepreneurs of today…….

If you or someone you love needs a sweet treat, and wants to support Sweet E’s Cookies, I’ve found the perfect fit!!

All their products are baked in a dedicated gluten-free, tree nut and peanut free facility! They ship all over the USA.

Sponsored Post: This post is sponsored by Sweet E's Cookies but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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