A natural approach to lice removal.....

A natural approach to lice removal.....

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Lice, a topic that just thinking about makes you itch your scalp. But here’s my story…. We found a bug on my husband in the hospital the day after giving birth to my 2nd baby girl. We contained it, told the housekeeping staff and went about our business. A few days later I found another bug in my hospital bag, yuck!!

About a week later, being only 2 weeks postpartum I thought, itchy scalp what an odd postpartum symptom, but everyone says postpartum is different with each child, so hey, doesn’t seem that crazy. I mean hair loss is a common one.

Now I’m 3 weeks postpartum and we thought we had bedbugs, because we saw a few more bugs….so we started researching and freaking out a little bit, even went out and bought those mattress covers, and cleaned our house obsessively! Then as I’m sitting at the dinning room table, I was itching away….and sure enough a bug falls out of my HAIR! I immediately am grossed out, but I take a quick picture with my smartphone, and promptly kill it. Then get online to look up what a bedbug looks like, and what lice looks like...Praise the LORD, it was lice. I never thought I’d be so happy to have lice. But….lice is much easier to deal with than bedbugs.

Ok….my hubby was still on paternity leave for a couple more days, so plenty of time to comb through my hair looking for nits and live bugs. Ha ha, not really, we also had a 2 year old and a newborn. I also, didn’t want to do anything too harsh, chemical wise. I didn’t want that in my body, but I also don’t want it in my breastmilk of my newborn babe. So, let the research begin.

I did call my doctor and pediatrician to find out what options I had. They did prescribe something for me, which I never even went and picked up. They said it was safe for me and the baby, but I was skeptical.

1. We did this approach after thoroughly combing through my hair with a lice comb.

2. It did work pretty well, but the best thing we did was get the electric lice comb, which would kill any live bugs on contact, this really gave us peace of mind and could do it pretty easily daily!

The key is checking hair everyday for a week with electric lice comb, then checking every strand of hair near the scalp for nits and getting those out. After a week….then wait 3-5 days and check again, if you had missed any nits, they probably will have hatched my now and you can catch the live bugs before they get comfy and start laying eggs again.

3. I also bought tea-tree oil shampoo and conditioner, which I started using regularly.

Nobody wishes lice on anyone, but it happens, and it doesn’t have to do with hygiene, it just has to do with being next to someone else that has lice and the oh so friendly bug making its way to your body. I especially don’t wish lice on any newly postpartum moms, I cried so much just over having freaking lice in my first month postpartum.

Shout out to my mil (aka Baba) who cancelled work to come over and comb through my hair, I’m sure this was totally what she wanted to do with her day. And my cousin who came over to entertain my toddler while mommy and Baba looked for bugs in mommy’s hair. This was a game for months after the lice episode, “mommy/daddy/anyone sit still while I check your hair for bugs.” I did remain relatively positive through the experience, because it all just seemed so ridiculous AND I asked for help, and my tribe came through in full-force!

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