Natural Healing of Ulcerative Colitis in Child {part 2}

Natural Healing of Ulcerative Colitis in Child {part 2}


If you want to read our {part 1} first, click here.

Today was an incredible day!! After a long week of waiting for lab results to come in, I finally got an e-mail saying her last lab and one of the more important ones was available. Her stool calprotectin was in! As we had been praying, it was within normal range, for the first time in Lucia’s life (that we know of)!!

I have written about our journey with ulcerative colitis a few times, because it is a huge part of our daily lives and it seems like western medicine really doesn’t have a good answer/cure for how to treat this autoimmune disease, and as a parent I just don’t think “trying” some intense medicine is the best way.

Ok so let’s get to what we are doing that is working….

  1. We cut out all the foods she’s allergic to. Gluten, dairy, egg and soy.

  2. We started working with a naturopath, knowing we needed to get her tested for food sensitivities.

    We truly believe that food is medicine and that when your immune system is responding to foods poorly, you are becoming malnourished and your body is working extra hard, which creates a lot of inflammation in the body.

  3. We cut all those out for 6 weeks. So she didn’t have any of her allergens (gluten, dairy, egg and soy) PLUS we cut out all the foods she was highly sensitive to, based on the panel lab we did. For Lucia (oats, tomato, avocado, turkey, all citrus fruits, raspberries, hazelnuts and almonds). You can imagine that this was super overwhelming at first, shopping took a while, and several foods that we normally used had to be swapped for something else. For example, no more cooking with avocado oil, back to good old extra virgin olive oil.

  4. After 6 weeks of a very strict diet + all the supplements, I share about in this previous blog post. I got in touch with Lucia’s GI and ran all her labs again, bloodwork and stool.

  5. Her inflammation was significantly down, but still not within normal range. So I, being the manager of her care, opted to do another 6 weeks of the diet.

  6. We repeated labs again, by now it’s been about 4 months of this. And yes, her levels are ALL NORMAL FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HER LIFE!!!!!!

Next steps, I’m going to seek more expert opinions for that. A few thoughts I’m mulling over….

  1. Seal the leaky gut, her naturopath said that the level of food sensitivities Lucia had is conducive to having leaky gut.

  2. Figure out how to very scientifically re-introduce foods, I can’t rely on how a 3 year old feels to be my evidence, I have to rely on labs.

Also, sidenote…..several people have asked me about if Lucia is gaining weight with such a restrictive diet and YES SHE IS!! The reason is because her body is no longer inflamed so she is able to absorb the nutrients, and part of the workup her GI requested was a weight check. She was worried about going on such a restrictive diet, but I stuck to my gut and my naturopaths advice and sure enough, we were right, an inflamed body doesn’t gain weight well, but once the inflammatory foods are cut out, the weight gain goes right back on track!! She gained 3 pounds in the first 6 weeks, which her weight was stagnant for the 6 months before that.

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