Eco-Friendly Mother's Day Gifts

Eco-Friendly Mother's Day Gifts

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I think I have gotten worse at gift giving over the years.

Maybe I just don’t have the mental space to think about every holiday with as much passion as I used to. Maybe I’m more distracted (kids, smartphones, etc.) than ever before.

I’m way less STUFF focused and more experience & community focused.

I’m sure these are both true. I am giving you all a round-up of a couple awesome fellow bloggers who have made eco-friendly mother’s day gift lists. I’ll share my favorites from their lists.

  1. Eco-Friendly Spas
    This has absolutely been a go-to. Both this year and last year I got spa days for my birthday. AWESOME gifts, to be honest, the idea of an eco-friendly spa is totally new to me. So read from the experts.


2. Outing
Take her out to eat, thrift store shopping, farmer’s market outing or wine tasting.
Portland Allergy-Friendly Restaurants List
Portland Zero Waste Shopping List


3. Eco-Friendly Athletic Wear
For the active and athletic mama. I love her list, linked above. To add to this list I also adore Boody Wear which carries bamboo made underwear and leisure/athletic wear.

4. Organic Sheets or Towels
I haven’t tried these yet, but so many in the eco-friendly world rave about Sol Organics.


5. Sustainable Kitchen Stuff
Glass Pyrex Set- Pyrex bottom with plastic lid for healthy storage of food.
Stasher Bag- To replace ziplock sandwhich bags, made from silicone.
Beeswax Wraps- To replace plastic wrap, but don’t put them in the oven, they will melt.
Going Zero Waste has more listed on her list, but these top ones are ones I have in my home and LOVE!


6. Top 8 Free Instant Pot Cookbook
This is my kind of gift, it is a new book, so not much hope of finding it used at this point. But support a local allergy mom who is on a mission to help other families not have as much stress in their lives.

Going Zero Waste Complete List for Mother’s Day
The Whole Food Diary Complete List for Mother’s Day

A couple other lists I’ve found that may be helpful….(I just love sharing resources)
Ethical & Sustainable Gift Guide for the Friend who Loves to Stay in
Ethical & Sustainable Gift Guide for the Wellness Lover

Allergy-Friendly Non-Toxic Make-Up, Bath & Skin Care

Allergy-Friendly Non-Toxic Make-Up, Bath & Skin Care

She's in Remission!!!

She's in Remission!!!