20+ Best Holiday Gifts for Preschoolers

20+ Best Holiday Gifts for Preschoolers


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We are on a mission to have a minimalist Christmas, and we did really well last year. Stay-tuned my next blog post will outline how we do that with two little kids and a large extended family!

For my husband and I, I’m very clear with about what I want and what my expectations are. There aren’t always that many surprises BUT I’m also not disappointed. That’s where we lie on that issue. Last year I told him I wanted new earrings, I can only wear 14k gold or above (due to metal allergies), I know poor me, no cheap jewelry- I’ll know! Ha ha! And he was really worried that I’d be disappointed in only receiving the earrings, I reassured him I wouldn’t be, that if that is all that was in my stocking/under the tree from him, I’d be content.

All that to say, having clear expectations and putting a wish list out there to your family members, especially extended family can be really helpful. I’ve been working on just that, a girlfriend of mine last year was sharing her Christmas “mom hack” and she said…

1. Everyone in her family creates an amazon wish list, and shares it with each other, then everyone can order easily via amazon, having everything shipped straight to your doorstep, in boxes.
2. She would open the box, check the contents, then store it, box and all until she had time to wrap them and it was a major time saver!

I LOVE this idea! Granted not everything is available on amazon, but if some stuff is, it feels so good!!

Ok now onto the good stuff, as a teacher I tend to gravitate towards creative and educational things for my girls.

**I read through TONS of toy reviews and lists. I learned, I’m picky about what kind of toys I want for my kids that cultivates a love of learning and play. This is a well vetted list, I promise!!**

I’ll update it over time as I find new things that make the cut. Please leave your feedback on the comments of this post, save to your pinterest account or e-mail me with suggestions.

Click on the pictures to easily order via Amazon or the links if the item isn’t available via Amazon!

1. Gardening Tool Set
Lucia has been especially interested in helping us outside, pulling weeds mostly and picking up the apples that fall on the ground. I of course want to capitalize on this desire to help with household chores!


2. Rainbow Counting Bears & Matching Sorting Cups
I’ve seen these in her preschool class and she loves this activity, plus she adores characters.


3. Book Rack Storage Bookshelf
This gift might be more for mom and dad’s sanity, but it also is a fun way to create a book nook in the bedroom to encourage them to read and enjoy it.


4. Crayola Color Wonder Makers & Paper
My kids love these, but it’s always good to replenish the supply! Plus the markers don’t work on anything else except the color wonder paper, so they are mess free. This means art isn’t so stressful if you look away for a second.

5. Melissa & Doug Doctor Kit with Coat
Lucia has had this for a while and LOVES IT! If your child enjoys playing doctor, getting the lab coat with pockets for all the equipment is so much fun for dramatic play!

6. Melissa & Dough Toy Metal Shopping Cart
We have a plastic shopping cart and it is fun, but if I was to buy one again I’d definitely opt for one that is more durable and longer-lasting. I just don’t love plastic toys.

7. Lincoln Logs
My grandma lived next door to me growing up and she had lincoln logs at her house, we LOVED them. I guess it’s the nostalgia in me, but I want these so badly for my girls!

8. Cabbage Patch Dolls
Another doll I had growing up that I adored and actually my girls have both my husband’s old cabbage patch doll and mine to play with!

Don’t worry there are boy and girl cabbage patch dolls, if you weren’t aware!

9. E-Reader with 8 Hard Cover Books
Lucia got one of these over the summer to keep her occupied on our long road-trip and it was so perfect! She can now press the right buttons to be able to read the book to herself, which is amazing!! There are a lot of different books that have an E-Reader, find one that your child is interested in.

10. Melissa & Doug Scissor Skills Activity Book
Last year Lucia’s preschool teacher (she is amazing and has so many great resources) told me I should get kid scissors, it was something not really on my radar, so I promptly did. Now Lucia LOVES cutting things, I learned the hard way a few times, when she wasn’t following directions, but usually she’s in the kitchen, cutting up old mail while I’m cooking or doing dishes and happy as a clam! Refining her cutting skills is on my agenda.

11. Mad Mattr
This stuff is amazing! We got it as a gift and it’s a mix between kinetic sand, foam and play-doh. It never dries out and it’s a completely different sensory skill!

12. Melissa & Dough Cutting Fruit
We have had this for a while, and it is popular with both girls at our house! It facilitates creative play with our play kitchen and works on fine motor and gross motor skills!

13. Melissa & Doug Play House: Cleaning Bundle
Ever since I read Love & Logic last summer Lucia has actually really enjoyed restoring mommy’s energy levels by helping with chores around the house! I’d like to continue encouraging her in this!

14. Fat Brain Toys: Roll and Bounce Tower
I loved those marble structures when I was a kid, and this one is big enough that my one year old won’t choke on the balls (they aren’t marbles) but still engaging enough for my 4 year old! Honestly this is a toy I’d enjoy playing with too!!

15. Fat Brain Toys: Squigz Suction Construction
This is an awesome bathtub toy but also fun for windows and encouraging that creative play that comes with building things. Again another fun toy for mom and dad too!

16. Fat Brain Toys: Spinagain Toy
Alana got this for her first birthday and it was a hit for everyone, including the adults!! I’ve also been just overall impressed with this brand and all the creative high quality toys they make!

17. Easel Drawing Paper
We have an easel, but I have never invested in paper for it, I’m certain Lucia would use it if we had it! It just seems like a good thing to have on hand for my budding artist!

18. Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks
Sometimes the simple toys are best and I heard recently from Lucia’s teacher that she is able to look at a picture and create with the wooden blocks, from the picture! Well, wow, I want to encourage that kind of learning for sure!!

OR support a local Etsy Shop with handmade wooden blocks!

19. Crayola Bathtub Fingerpaint
Making bath time fun is important at our house. This is the perfect location for me to embrace finger painting! Also it is small enough to be from Santa in their stocking!

20. Crayola Bathtub Crayons
Another really fun activity that my girls love in the bath and it’s perfect to fit in their stockings from Santa.

I also had a few friends request some locally made etsy shop toys. I can’t post pictures of these yet, but click the link to check them out!

21. Personalized Wooden Name Puzzle
As my girls are still learning their letters, I think this would be so fun!!

22. Personalized Busy Board
This has all the nobs, locks, twists without any of the hazards! Yes, I’m sure I could make one of these myself, BUT who has time for that, ha ha.

23. Personalized Wooden Farm with Animals
This one just looks like so much fun and high quality!

24. Wooden Toy Car Hauler
This looks amazing, it looks like it’s too late to order for Christmas, BUT order now and store until the birthday arrives.

Here is a link to my Amazon Store where all these items are grouped together, plus of course new items I find!

Is a minimalist Christmas with kids possible?

Is a minimalist Christmas with kids possible?

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