How to start a zero waste journey?

How to start a zero waste journey?

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The thing is, you just have to start.

I have been inspired mostly by fellow bloggers and mamas who are on a zero waste journey, or as I like to call it, a less waste journey! We are far from perfect, most weeks our garbage can is nearly full, as well as our recycling bin.

With all our allergies, sometimes I use that as my excuse to not worry about the planet. God has been convicting me in this area, and I’m doing small things here and there where I can to help the planet.

I’m going to share a few simple changes we have made, or are trying to make. Also, I think it’s a big learning curve and challenging yourself to start being aware of the amount of products or items you are simply throwing away is another great place to start! As I do that more, I get more and more convicted of what I’m using, how and the example I’m setting for my children/the kind of world they are going to live in.

1. No more buying the fancy bath and body works hand soap. If you see them at my house still, it’s because I’m using the ones I’ve already purchased. I have a glass soap dispenser, with easy to refill hand soap, I get both from Grove Collaborative.


2. Bring reusable bags grocery shopping, so I don’t accumulate tons of plastic bags. I have gotten so much better at this in the past 6 months. I can remember so many times forgetting them at home, or just in the car and being too lazy to go back, or frustrated with two kiddos do backtrack. I’m pretty committed now and leave them in my car all the time and now it’s a habit that I just bring them in with me.

3. Bring a reuseable coffee mug with me. This has been a hard one, I honestly can’t quite put my finger on why this one is so uncomfortable for me, but as my convictions grow stronger, I just can’t ignore them anymore. I have heard of tons of great products for this that I would love to purchase, but for now I have so many reuseable mugs that I don’t need anymore.

4. Shopping in bulk, using containers I bring in. Honestly this one is still pretty scary for me. But I’ve done it a few times and felt so good about myself. So I’m probably going to drop my Costco membership, which I’m definitely mourning.

Ok, that is definitely enough to get you started.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I love baking mixes and convenience foods, whenever we can use them. So these convictions are very new to me, and I’m intimidated.

The things that intimidate me most. Buying meats. Snacks for the kids. Alternative milks. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely update you as I figure these things out.

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