My surprising findings about minimalism, eco-friendly living & contentment...

My surprising findings about minimalism, eco-friendly living & contentment...


So full-disclosure my amazing husband is the true minimalist, eco-friendly, composting and nature loving guy. I love these traits about him, but in the past they have also driven me crazy!

I shared on instagram recently how we started composting, honestly he’s been asking me to compost for years, and I’ve been too lazy to get on board. He’s been encouraging me to declutter, get rid of stuff and have our home be simple. Also, just recently I am getting on board with this, after realizing how much stress it causes him to have our home bursting at the seams (or that’s how he feels). I’m sharing all this so you know that this MAJOR lifestyle change and is NOT NATURAL for me.

The truth is I’ve been convicted, and I never ignore convictions. God has guided me in so many situations and His way always proves to be best. As I’ve been learning more and more about eco-friendly living, through watching others (mostly bloggers and instagrammers) I’ve started to want to take action and feel empowered to do so.


Lately I have realized a greater sense of contentment. I’ve been on a journey in my faith for a while now to seek peace of mind, heart, circumstance and overall contentment in life- not always looking for the next thing. Since I’ve been convicted about the waste we produce and the products we bring into our home. I’m no longer thinking along the lines of “we can’t afford that” or “my husband won’t want me to bring anything else into the house” but it’s been a fun challenge to ask myself a few more questions, like…

Is this the best product for the environment?
Is this good for my body? skin? or my kids?
Is it needlessly packaged?
Am I being lazy in wanting to buy convenience foods?
Do I have my re-useable coffee mug to swing by the coffee shop?
What do I do with the plastic utensils?
Did I remember my cloth bags for grocery shopping?

None of these things are WRONG. What it is causing me to do is establish a much greater sense of awareness in my life, which in general mindfulness produces greater contentment. You’re being aware of the world you live in.

This has taken me by surprise a bit, but I feel a bit excited by the challenge of finding the product that is best for my family and the environment. Usually I do NOT enjoy research, like I typically rely on other people in my life to help me make decisions about products to buy, cost comparison etc, so I KNOW this newfound excitement comes from a renewing of the mind that can only be from God.

I miraculously do not feel overwhelmed by this task, because it has to be done step by step, little by little and one item at a time. We can’t afford to do a major overhaul, and I don’t want to do that. We want to slowly implement changes we can sustain, that feel good for our family and the environment.

What about you?

I’m not going to go into all the reasons I was convicted, I believe that is personal for each individual.


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