The Best Gluten-Free & Allergy-Friendly Beer, Hard Cider & Wine

The Best Gluten-Free & Allergy-Friendly Beer, Hard Cider & Wine

I’ve been mulling on this list for a while. I’m not a beer drinker, but my hubby is (and he is gluten-free).

A few important notes….

  1. Beers that are gluten-removed may not be safe for people with celiac. Such as Omission.

  2. Many winemakers use an egg-wash to help with settling the sedimentation in the wine. So I try really hard to only drink vegan wines, due to my egg-allergy, or talk extensively with the winery about their process.

Now onto the reviews and recommendations….


Ground Breaker Brewing
Gluten-Free , Vegan
All their beers are brewed in a dedicated gluten-free facility and there is no risk of cross-contamination. Plus this is Clayton’s favorite brand, hands down! He likes dark beers and IPA’s. It is another local company that we adore.

Inclusion: Dry Hopped Pale Ale
Contains Nuts (chestnuts)
This one tastes like a traditional pale ale, yummy!


Stone Fruit IPA:

IPA No. 5



Secco Wine Club
I can only recommend the PALO61 wines. They are clearly marked, vegan, gluten-free and no added sugar or chemicals. And it is delicious!! It is true, you don’t feel terrible the next day after drinking this wine, like you do with traditional wines that have all that added sugar. This is the only wine I’ll buy as of right now, it tastes good, clearly labeled, non-gmo and natural.

Hard Ciders


Ulee’s Light Cider
Vegan, Gluten-Free
This is one of my favorites!! It is a light drink, that only has 100 calories per can and is clearly labeled for allergens. They have three flavors, which are all unique. Bing Cherry was definitely my favorite flavor, second was Dry and third was Citra (which honestly tasted a bit like beer to me). I also adore that it is a locally made brand. I actually met them at a food-allergies expo as a blogger and they continuously served us with a supply of delicious drinks to try!


D’s Wicked Cider Co.

Baked Apple is delicious! We haven’t tried all the flavors yet, but this brand of hard cider is rich and delicious! Another local to the Pacific Northwest cider company!

image1 (2).jpeg

Angry Orchard

Rose Cider: Delicous, sweet apple cider, which makes you feel fancy, because it’s pink.

Pear Cider: My favorite, it’s a combo of pear and apple into a nice flavorful light cider.

Easy Apple: Delicious crisp apple flavor.

image1 (1).jpeg

2 Towns Cider House
All their ciders are locally made in Oregon and naturally gluten-free. Most of their ciders are vegan as well (a couple have honey in them) but otherwise their ciders contain no major allergens (gluten, dairy, egg or soy).

Made Marion: Delicious blackberry cider mixed with hard apple cider from northwest apples.

Bright Cider: Delicious crisp apple cider

Pacific Pineapple: My personal favorite, a combination of fresh pineapple juice and fresh pressed northwest apples.

Easy Squeezy: Raspberry Lemonade combined with fresh pressed northwest apples.

Hard Seltzers

I honestly haven’t tried many hard seltzers but this one, I’m impressed with the fact that this one is so natural. Honestly I think seltzers don’t have as much flavor as I’d like, so I’ll opt for a hard cider over a seltzer, but if you’re looking for something light in flavor and light in calories, this is definitely the way to go!

image2 (2).jpeg

Seek Out
Real Hard Seltzer
No added sugar, refined sugars, concentrates or flavorings. Naturally low carb (2 grams or less) and low calorie, only 100 calories per can.

Some more to try on our list…
Ghostfish Brewing (Gluten-Free beers)

White Chocolate Chip Muffins {Vegan & GF}

White Chocolate Chip Muffins {Vegan & GF}

Full Belly Fare: Portland Personal Chef Delivery (Paleo, Keto & Gluten-free)

Full Belly Fare: Portland Personal Chef Delivery (Paleo, Keto & Gluten-free)