The Whole Treat

The Whole Treat

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My fellow blogger and friend over at The Whole Food Diary is so inspiring and you should definitely go follow their journey

I have been working my way through the recipes in her latest e-book, The Whole Treat and I just have to tell you all how much I LOVE her recipes.

All of her recipes are paleo, which of course means gluten-free, grain-free and dairy-free. Oh and refined sugar free, she uses natural sweeteners only, maple syrup, honey and coconut sugar are her go-to’s! Many of the recipes are egg-free or can easily be substituted for flax eggs. Her recipes have been amazing for our family, especially during this part of our story where Lucia’s diet is so limited.

**Since Lucia has been sensitive to almond, in all the recipes that call for almond flour, we have used cashew flour.

Here are a few pics of the recipes I’ve made from her book….


Banana Bread


Chocolate Cookie Dough Ice Cream


Chocolate Cake

Now I’m sure you want her e-book, The Whole Treat! Use code DAUGHTERSTABLE10 to get 10% off the book, or anything on her site actually.

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